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What is food if it can’t be fun? Being the same and doing things the same way as everyone else gets boring. We were always told to not play with our food when we were little but our chefs do exactly that every day. They have taken breakfast in a new direction – fun in an inviting atmosphere with great service and hospitality using local purveyors with the highest quality food. Looking at things from a different angle, trying new things is what we’re about. Good food, Good company, Good Eats!!

Coffee Bean Roaster

Our extraordinary coffees originate from the best regions in the world: Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Sumatra, Jamaica, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico to name a few. To maximize their unique flavors, we roast our beans onsite 7 days a week. The origin of the bean along with their unique attributes like density and weight dictate the individual roasting times. After the long journey and countless number of people who have worked so hard to grow, pick, process, and transport them, we want to serve it to you as fresh as possible for maximum flavor and aroma. If you’re a true coffee aficionado, you won’t find a better cup of coffee. We hope you enjoy it.